Ph.D. in Architecture, 2018 Admission 香港城市大学

City University of Hong Kong is a fast growing institute, whose world ranking ranges around 49 to 190 in various exercises of the Times Higher Education, QS, US & World News and Shanghai Jiaotong University. The architectural program offers bachelor degree, M.Arch and Ph.D. The city of Hong Kong provides an opportunity for you to experience the high density urban environment. The first cohort Ph.D. students graduated since 2014. The others are working on the topics of MTR stations and its surrounding environment, housing quality of China, elderly house, architectural history of post-war Hong Kong, design mechanism and cultural building type in China.

There are five areas of Ph.D. research specializations:

(1) Built environment and behavior. Architecture and city reflect and create human experience. Students will develop tools, models and theories for better understanding, evaluating the performance of built environment in terms of human functions. Students will explore the topics such as how urban design influences residents’ physical activity and health, or how hospital design influences patients’ outcome. Candidates with skills in GIS, statistics, computer programming are preferred. Interested students please contact Dr. Yi LU,

(2) Conservation of architectural heritage in rural–urban fringe. Following the economic reform, China has been experiencing a rapid process of urbanization and consequent transformation of its territory. Many rural areas have been absorbed within the city expansion, others being currently the target of fast growing tourism industry. Students will investigate the dynamic of the transformation of former rural ensembles, as well as strategies, policies and techniques for their conservation and regeneration. Interested students please contact Dr. Gianni TALAMINI,

(3) Sustainable Architecture and Sustainable Building Assessment. Buildings have significant and irreversible impacts on the environment, ecosystem health, human health and resources. Sustainable building design and practices are the solution. Students will assess the use of Green building assessment tools and explore topics like material conservation, sustainable material life cycles and Life Cycle Assessment (LCA). Priority will be given to candidates with background in Architecture, Construction Engineering and Management, Environmental Engineering, or Energy Science and Engineering. Interested students please contact Dr. Lara JAILLON,

(4) History of architecture and urbanism.   Over the past century, cities in Asia have gone through astounding transformation as they responded to drastic political and social changes. Students will explore topics like the history of planning, housing development, density control, and so forth. Priority will be given to candidates who plan to work on the housing history of any Asian countries. Interested students please contact Dr. Carmen TSUI,

(5) Modern architecture and urbanism in the Greater China and Asia. Students will study into the new phenomenon of urbanism in the Changjiang River Delta, Pearl River Delta and Asian cities, including high-density environment, TOD development, emerging building types and development model. Study of cross-border design will integrate the direction of “One Belt and One Road”. Students may investigate on-site in Chinese, Asian and African cities. Interested students please contact Dr. Charlie XUE, Publication

Ph.D. study at CityU will officially last for three years. Students will take courses of at least 14 credit units, plus a dissertation. Interested applicants can consider the following categories.

1. Hong Kong Ph.D. Fellowship.

This Fellowship is set up by the Hong Kong government. The successful recipient will receive HK$ 250,000 a year plus other rewards. It is money plus honor. Interested applicants must get an application number through the following link before December 1, 2017. One architectural student from Europe got this fellowship in 2017. If you think you are much higher caliber than Category 2, please try this.

2. Government (UGC) full scholarship.

The scholarship is HK$16,000 a month plus international conference fee, and tuition (waive) scholarship (depending on your grades in school). Applicant must have CGPA over 3.5 in HK or US system, averagely above 85/100 in China’s system, 1st class honor or distinction in the UK and HK system. SCI, SSCI and AHCI papers are favorable. English. TOEFL 550 in paper, 213 in computer, 79 in internet; IELTS 6.5; Chinese College English Test, Band 6, over 490.

3. Full time self-financing mode.

The English standard is similar to the above. The academic requirements are a bit lower. If you determine to study in the self-financing mode, prepare HK$200,000 a year,for 3 years. You are likely to do part time RA and TA in the campus, and the compensation sum varies, up to HK$7,000 a month. This depends on opportunity and the funding situation of your supervisor.

Application is made through on-line. All materials must be uploaded before December 1, 2017. An interview will be held in early Jan 2018. No action will be taken if your materials are not completed. The results will be notified to applicants in March 2018.

The quota is valuable. We can’t afford to any irresponsible action from applicants. If you are seriously interested in the program and qualified for the above conditions, please send an email with the following materials: An English cover letter stating why you are interested in doing Ph.D. in Hong Kong; Your school transcripts; Brief design portfolio; Essay or thesis, or Anything which can demonstrate your creativity.


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